Land an Aerospace Engineering Job

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What should I expect when pursuing an aerospace engineering career?

Land an Aerospace Engineering Job

Your first step toward landing an aerospace engineering job is to obtain a degree in aeronautical or aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering jobs are the most specialized of the engineering field, so it's best to decide early on what your focus will be. The skill sets in this field are not necessarily overlapping, though they are broad. Whether it's commercial aircraft, fighter aircraft or spacecraft, including missiles and rockets, the themes are common with definite distinctions in technology. No matter your choice of focus, working in aerospace engineering is a commitment to a long academic pursuit. Choosing your specialty early ensures that you get a leg up on the competition.

Those with aerospace engineering jobs experience international competition more than those in other engineering fields. The greater one's education in your specialty, the better. The basics won't do; aerospace engineers need to have a keen knowledge of fluid mechanics, propulsion and control technology. Because aerospace engineering is relatively new to the engineering world, it is most highly dependent on higher levels of technology.

Go beyond just an aerospace engineering degree; get a firm grasp on your specialty within the field and attack the job search with vigor.



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