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What are the growth options for power plant engineers?

Mid-Level Power Plant Jobs

An exciting move for power plant engineers who have been in the industry for a few years is the rise to mid-level power plant employment. Because these positions demand a certain level of experience, a potential employer will need a portfolio with well-defined records of projects you've been a part of. These projects should be varied and showcase your skill sets as well as your ability to take a project from idea to execution.

More than being expected to be able to function in power plant engineering jobs, employers will expect you to perform on an interpersonal, synergistic and managerial platform.

How do I create a winning resume for the power plant engineering position I want?

Resume Writing Tips for Power Plant Engineering Jobs

Your first step to landing an interview is creating a great resume. One way for your resume to really make an impression is to tailor it to the exact power plant engineering job that you want. Study the job description and use the keywords that you see throughout. In most power plant engineering jobs, the details of the job requirements are explicit and may play to exacting requirements.

The next step is to include details about your project experience and outline your exact roles and contributions to each. Try to incorporate the keywords from the job's description in your explanation of your experience, as long as it sounds natural. Many companies use software to screen resumes, but eventually your resume will be seen by a human resources representative, so make it coherent and succinct.

How do I jumpstart my power plant career?

Entry-Level Power Plant Jobs

If you're fresh out of college, looking to begin your power plant career, you can start by narrowing down your interests to one specialty or sector. The skill sets within the power plant field, while broad, don't necessarily overlap. There are common themes within the field, ranging from steam turbines to geothermal energy to nuclear power, but the differences are definite. This means that discovering the breadth of knowledge necessary for a successful career in the power plant field is a continuous pursuit. Deciding early on what sector to devote your career to can make this pursuit much easier.

What can I expect from my power plant engineer salary throughout my career?

Power Plant Engineer Salary Expectations

One necessary but often overlooked issue in the power plant industry is the question of salary. You've come this far, received a degree in engineering, so it's only natural to want to know what to expect to earn throughout your career. There are several factors that determine exactly what your power plant engineer salary will be, such as whether you work for a government agency or a private firm, and the number of years of your power plant career.

Generally, first year power plant engineers can expect around $57K right out of college. This is considered very high for a first year college graduate. In the one to four years experience range, salaries fall around $60K, reaching up to $65K in the five to nine year range. After ten to nineteen years, you can expect up to $77K, or for the more experienced, up to $84K.

Where do I start my search for power plant careers?

Power Plant Jobs: Hot Job Industry

These days the field that is emerging as the leading edge and most technologically sophisticated branch of engineering is that of power plant engineering. Power plant careers are growing in number given the global attention paid to alternative energy solutions for global power needs. It is said that power plant job openings will play a large role in solving the economic crisis. Because of this power plant operator jobs have been labeled as one of the most recession resistant choices a power plant job candidate can make.

How do I set myself apart for supervisory level power plant employment?

Supervisory Level Power Plant Employment

If you've been in the power plant industry for a while, and you have a master's degree in engineering, you're probably ready to begin researching supervisory-level power plant employment. Because this level of employment means more responsibility, there is more at stake and potential employers will need solid proof that you're the person for the job. One way to demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate is to get your license as a professional engineer, showing that you have a high degree of motivation and desire to develop yourself within your power plant career. It will be the little extras that impress your potential employer and ultimately land you the position.

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