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How do I get a leg up in my chemical engineer job search?

Use the Internet to Further Your Search

In your chemical engineer job search, it's important to utilize your resources. Contact people from your networking list, find a recruiter that fits your needs, or use web sites to help you. Though there is no one-stop shop for you dream chemical engineering job, compiling and using all of the resources available to you can catapult you into a career very quickly.

The Internet is helpful for finding job opportunities, and once you've applied for them, you can do research on the company. If you decide to go with a recruiter, they can be found online, or if you're a part of a web site, they can find you.

How do I decide on a recruiting agency?

Recruiters for Employers of Chemical Engineers

These days, when recent graduates or seasoned professionals are looking to advance in their chemical engineer careers, they are turning more and more to the Internet. This is why, when looking for a recruiter to fill available positions, it would benefit your company to find someone who is as equally Internet savvy as the cream of the chemical engineering crop.

Engineering recruitment requires the recruiter to understand the plethora of career and job sites, as well as how to use them effectively to match the best candidates to your available positions. Look for an engineering staffing company that utilizes their resources; agencies that use software to identify potential candidates by scanning your job description and resumes for keywords. This will save you both time and money in your search for chemical engineers.

How do I start my chemical engineer career?

Get Recruited: Your Chemical Engineer Career

The task of engineering recruiters is more complicated than other employment processes. Because of the smaller size of the candidate pool and larger knowledge base requirement, they have their work cut out for them. If you're looking to jumpstart your chemical engineer career, you may be considering using a recruiter. Though they can be essential to finding that dream job, it never hurts to do research and the job search on your own at first.

Check out online resources. Not only will you find myriad job postings, but also tips on how to get the most out of your chemical engineer career.

How can I benefit from hiring a chemical engineer consultant?

Chemical Engineer Consultants

If you're in the market for chemical engineers, it might be best to get paired up with a chemical engineer consultant to aid in your search. Engineering recruiters are only helpful if they are familiar with the job that their candidate search is supposed to fill. Only choose a recruiter that has a solid knowledge base in engineering.

Chemical engineer recruiters will only be successful if they understand the actual work a chemical engineer does on a day-to-day basis. If all your recruiter is doing is searching for keywords and checking if the candidates have an engineering degree, there will be a lot of work left for you to do. Find a recruiter who can eliminate the initial weeding out of unqualified candidates to save yourself time and money.

How do I choose a chemical engineer recruiter?

Get a Recruiter That Will Work for You

Because of the rise in chemical engineer salaries, it's becoming more important to get the hiring right the first time around. Deciding to use a recruiter to fill the open positions at your company is just the first step. Make sure you get a recruiter that will work in your best interest. Find someone who can market well, interview well, get to know the candidates, use his or her connections to get you the best of the best. In the end, you need to know that you have a recruiter that will get the best candidates to sign. Putting effort into finding the right recruiter for you will help eliminate need for more work from you when the hiring process begins.

How can I utilize the chemical engineer job description to prepare my resume?

Preparing Your Resume for That Chemical Engineering Job

When preparing your resume to send out for potential employment, first take time to study the chemical engineer job description. Usually these descriptions are filled with keywords that your potential employer will scan your resume for. Often your resume won't be seen by an actual person until after it passes through one of these scans. It's important that you don't get disqualified early in the game for a technicality. Adjust the language in your resume to match up with the language in the job description.

Don't let your research end at the job description, however. Getting through the scan is only step one. Once you have your interview you must wow an actual person, which isn't as easy.

How do I get the best of the best for my open chemical engineer positions?

More than Just a Job Posting

These days, the chemical engineering candidate pool is getting smaller and smaller. As an employer, this means that you're going to have to work harder to generate interest from the top chemical engineers. Rather than simply posting a job post for chemical engineer employment, you should consult an engineering recruiter. Often recruiters will have ties with a pool of candidates, giving you a headstart in your search for qualified candidates.

You will work closely with this recruiter to ensure that only the best candidates walk through your doors, so be sure that communication between the two of you is open and consistent.

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