You're One of Few, So Take Advantage

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What are my chances of finding employment in environmental engineering?

You're One of Few, So Take Advantage

The talent pool for environment engineering jobs is scarce these days, so if this is your specialty of choice, it's time to step up and find your ideal position. The civil engineering career field is full of opportunities, making it easier to find a job most anywhere you choose to live.

It is important to keep location in mind when searching for positions. If you're willing to move, broaden your search to ensure that you are aware of all of your options. In more remote areas, jobs in bridge, dam or road building will most likely be higher on the priority list to fill.

If you're interested in environmental engineering jobs, one might look in a more populated area for waste management; or in more remote areas, search for jobs that focus on conservation efforts, whether it's decreasing environmental impact to developing alternative energy opportunities such as wind turbines. As career opportunities unfold, decide whether you want to be more involved in the planning and strategy or the execution and tailor your resume to fit the position's specifications.



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