What to Expect from Your Contract Engineer Salary

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What can I expect from my contract engineer salary?

What to Expect from Your Contract Engineer Salary

One subject every contract engineer is thinking about but not talking about is what to expect from their contract engineer salary. Though it isn't appropriate to bring it up in the first or second interview, it doesn't hurt to do some research along with your job search.

There are many factors when considering contract engineering rates; a contract design engineering salary will differ significantly from a contract industrial engineering salary. Other factors are your degrees and certificates, experience and interview capability.

Generally speaking, contract engineer salaries fall near $92K. Civil and environmental contracting engineering salaries range between $70-75K, while contract mechanical and electrical engineers usually earn $80K. The more technically challenging your field, the more you will earn. Fields such as electronics engineering and physical science can earn you up to $90K, while contract supervisory engineers make up to $109K annually. These salaries are reserved for those who are continuously growing in their specified fields and expanding their skill sets, so be vigilant about continuing your education.



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