Interviewing for Contract Engineering Jobs

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How do I prepare for phone and traditional interviews?

Interviewing for Contract Engineering Jobs

Whether you have been asked to a traditional, face-to-face interview or a phone interview, it is a good idea to thoroughly prepare by updating your resume and portfolio, and researching the company. Though these methods of interviewing are very different, the preparation is similar. Even if the company boasts its casual-friendly atmosphere, you should still dress professionally. In the case of a phone interview, try to stay away from sweatpants and t-shirts. Though they will not actually see you during the interview, it is true that the way you dress affects the way you act and sound. All they will have to associate with you is your resume, portfolio, voice, and words. Be sure to capitalize on each and make them speak loudly and clearly for you.

You should do the research ahead of time what contract engineer rates are, you should refrain from discussing these aspects until the third round of meetings with your employer.



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