Resume Tips for Careers in Civil Engineering

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How do I prepare for a career in civil engineering?

Resume Tips for Careers in Civil Engineering

Just as in any other field, one of the most important methods to advancing a career in civil engineering is to have an impressive resume. Ultimately, the purpose of your resume is to land an interview. Usually, your resume will be run through electronic screening first that will search for certain keywords. This will happen before it is seen by a person in human resources. Once it passes this test, however, it must make an impression on the HR rep to get you any further.

Study the job posting; chances are the keywords they will search for are littered throughout. Then consider the civil engineering jobs you've participated in and highlight your specific roles in your resume. Be sure to document even what you might consider mundane; provide all of the details to ensure you don't leave anything out. Employers want to know that you are capable of all that careers in civil engineering entail and are not just interested in the flashy end pieces.



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