Negotiating Your Salary

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What can I expect from my salary as an aerospace engineer?

Negotiating Your Salary

You've reached the light at the end of the tunnel, you've received your degree in aerospace engineering and landed the job you wanted. Now the only question is how much you'll get paid for all of your hard work thus far. Aerospace engineering is one of the most lucrative specialty among engineering careers. Though location, degree and capability all play a role in your salary level, it is your skill sets that ultimately decide what your salary will be. Other factors may come into play, like whether your employer is a government agency or a private firm, and the number of years you have in the aerospace engineering career.

Right out of college, one can expect up to $56K, which is extraordinary in the range of all first year college graduate salaries. It is also among the highest in starting engineering career salaries. After one to four years in the industry, this could jump to $60K. Once you reach the mid-level career time frame, around five to nine years, this could jump again to $75K. After 10-19 years, around the supervisory-level, salary reaches around $92K, with very experienced engineers earning up to $105K. It is important to recognize that these are just working numbers that depend on various factors.



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