Prepare for Your Aerospace Engineer Career

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What are some options for aerospace engineer careers?

Prepare for Your Aerospace Engineer Career

If you're interested in finding more about aerospace engineer careers, you should know that the first step is obtaining a degree in aerospace engineering. While obtaining your degree, begin thinking about what specialties might interest you in the field. Deciding early on what your specialty will be makes planning your continuing education much easier.

If you're already pretty advanced in your aerospace engineering career and are simply ready for the next step, you may consider looking into supervisory-level aerospace engineer jobs. In order to secure yourself a supervisory-level aerospace engineering job, you must obtain your master's degree in aerospace engineering and a license as a Professional Engineer. These are just the basic qualifications, however. Potential employers will be looking for you to demonstrate your vision and creativity. Be prepared with a portfolio that highlights your ability to take the lead on a project and execute it from beginning to end.



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