Finding a Technical Recruiter

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Can I just hire any technical recruiter?

Finding a Technical Recruiter

When hiring a technical recruiter to do your staffing for you, it will pay off to do your research beforehand. Most recruiters will have an understanding of human resources and personnel management, but an effective recruiter will have an in-depth understanding of the positions offered. In order to make the best match for your open position, the recruiter must know the skills it takes to fill the opening. Just as being a successful engineer requires more than an engineering degree, a successful recruiter is much more than just a one-man temp staffing agency. Find someone who understands the needs of your company and can best recognize those characteristics in prospective employees.

Do your research when interviewing technical recruiters. Try asking them about their best candidates. If all they offer is a number or a name and type of degree, move on. Find someone who pays attention to and understands the details. Your business and current employees will thank you.



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