To Be Recruited or Not To Be Recruited?

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Where can I find the engineering jobs I want?

To Be Recruited or Not To Be Recruited?

When you begin your search for electrical engineering jobs, it's important to decide on a specialty. Whether it's substation engineer jobs or commissioning engineer jobs that strike your fancy, there are a few ways you can tackle the task at hand. Even for those comfortable with the Internet, the multitude of job search engines can be overwhelming and difficult to sift through. One option you will most likely come across in your search is in working with a recruiter. While a recruiter can be helpful in matching you with the specific type of job you want and are qualified for, your level of success depends on a few factors.

It is important to consider that your recruiter is also working for an employer, and their job is to fill specific engineering jobs. If you go with the wrong recruiter, their quotas could take precedence over your job preference and salary requirements. If you want to ensure that your best interest is always at the forefront, it might be better to search on your own.



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