Salary Expectations: Controls Engineering Jobs

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What can I expect to make as I advance in my career?

Salary Expectations: Controls Engineering Jobs

You did it, you've graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. Now your search for controls engineering jobs begins. However, you may be wondering, "How much can I expect to earn?" The good news is that the electrical engineering salary is on the high-end in the technical career fields. While location, skill set and preferences all affect the specific number, in general, electrical engineering pays well.

As with any entry-level career, first year electrical engineer salaries vary on the lower end of the spectrum, but engineers fresh out of college can expect up to $55K. Compared to the average first year college graduate salaries, this is impressive. After a few years in the business, around one to four years of experience, the salary jumps to about $60K. Once you've reached mid-level career status, salaries jump up to $70K. Supervisory-level personnel with ten to nineteen years of experience usually have salaries up to $80K, with the highest level engineers earning up to $94K.



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