Relevant Today: Energy Jobs

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What are my options for energy jobs?

Relevant Today: Energy Jobs

If you've always been interested in a power plant career, your search begins with a degree in engineering. Energy jobs, like other engineering fields, are specialized. The information involved in power plant employment is wide, though not necessarily overlapping, so it's important to choose a specialty early on. Even after you've begun your career, you will need to continue your education as technologies are updated. From steam turbines to geothermal energy to nuclear power, the options are numerous.

As alternate power possibilities and efficient fossil fuels are being explored around the world, energy jobs have become subject to intense international competition and scrutiny. In this climate where energy options are extremely relevant and focused on, it is important to stay up to date on your education and skills in the field. With the newest engineering fields (solar, geothermal and wave power energy), comes a stronger reliance on the highest levels of technology. Your grasp of the fundamentals and familiarity with these technologies may be the deciding factor between landing a job and not.



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